Presenter did show up

I went down to SAP office today to attend a SAP local community meeting where a presenter (speaker) was supposed to demonstrate a project. Guess what ? he didn’t turn up on time, so one of SAP guy gave an presentation about a SAP product called – SAP Business Object Cloud. Okey, the product looked good except some technical glitches during the demo. It’s alright because it is just a cover-up and impromptu demonstration .

Remember the presenter who didn’t show up ? he didn’t make it to the presentation eventually . That was shame. As a consultant, if you are asked to do speech or demo in front of SAP clients, it’s a great opportunity of leading some sort of sales of whatever is product or service . If your are independent consultant, then you might grab a chance to get a job in one of companies where the audience came from. he just blew out the potentials.

At any business, you wouldn’t want to work with someones who breaks promise easily it’s kind of opposite to the virtues of what you should have as a qualified consultant like trustworthiness, credibility, and responsibility.

Very disappointed .


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